Chandigarh, August 10
The Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh(MCC) has chalked out a plan to spruce up the city.

As part of the plan, the civic body was taking initiative to make open spaces green and clearing the wild growth from many parts of the city.

According to officials of the horticulture department, every year in this season the civic body undertakes such routine exercise and plant saplings. During the development works such as the widening of the road and the construction of the proposed slip roads, many trees and green spots are sacrificed.

According to Sanjay Arora of the horticulture department, the work is being done under the green action plan 2007-2008 formulated by the administration. Elaborating the plan he stated that the plan was chalked out every year and then followed according to the requirements of each area.

Meanwhile, to ensure that the green cover of the city is maintained, the MC will be charging up to Rs 30 per month from the city residents in their water bills for it. The money collected will be used for the maintenance of parks and green belts of the city.

Talking to TNS, a senior official of the department said despite laying of paver blocks across the city, they were making all efforts to maintain the green cover of the city. “The green area of the city has not been reduced. Every year a ‘green plan’ is formulated and the targets are fixed under it. Last year targets achieved are analyzed and new ones are laid.”

Source: Tribune News Service