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Chandigarh, December 22
Cold wave conditions persisted in the city and its adjoining areas even today with the city recording below normal temperature. People in the city battled the severe chill for the third consecutive day as the minimum temperature dip to 5 degrees Celsius. Weather officials said the minimum temperature was likely to plummet further. The city today recorded a maximum temperature of 21 degrees Celsius.

As the chill continued unabated, people were seen surrounding around bonfires, particularly during the morning and evening.

Meanwhile, the Jet Airways Delhi-Chandigarh-Delhi flight was delayed by an hour due to fog. The flight, which was scheduled to arrive in the city at 10.05 am landed at 11.05 am. Similarly, it took off at 11.30 am instead of 10.35 am.

“Snowfall at the higher reaches of Himachal Pradesh is the reason behind the cold wave conditions here,” said a Met official.

He said cold wave conditions were prevailing over many parts of neighbouring Haryana and Punjab and things are not likely to improve till Friday.

The weathermen warned the situation might worsen in the coming days. The condition in other parts of north India was no better. The weatherman predicted clear sky with fog/mist in the morning with no respite from the chilly winds in the next couple of days.

The weather experts stated that the extreme conditions were likely to prevail as the western disturbances, which had earlier moved across the Himalayan region, have once again started moving towards this region.

The cold conditions have also hit the day-to-day life in the city. Business was also affected due to chilly winds. Some of the markets of city, including Sectors 24 and 39, which used to close around 9.30 pm wore a deserted look at 8.15 pm. today.

Source: Tribune News Service