Rain water harvesting (RWH) for recharge augmentation is among the major activities being taken by the Central Ground Water Board for the effective implementation of demonstrative schemes. With the exponentially increasing demand of water resources due to escalating population, the city beautiful“Chandigarh”, has also implicated the scheme at the remarkable speed in a very short span of time. The rainwater harvesting potential of Chandigarh, with an area of 114 sq km and the average  annual rainfall of 1059.3, is calculated to be 60380.1million litres or 13241gallons or 36.28 MGD. Thus, the potential is more than the water pumped out of aquifers and therefore, efficient harvesting of rain water and proper recharging of ground water will go a long way in contributing towards sustainablility of water supply

Rain water harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting Flowchart 

In Chandigarh, more than 60 sites were covered so far by the Public Health Division, Chandigarh administration, for harvesting rain water. Out of these, majority of structures belongs to the roof top rain water harvesting system. Work has been completed on most of the sites deleivering a total yield of  108 million litres per annum.

Source: ENVIS Centre,Chandigarh