SUBJECT :Disaster 

Protect yourself right where you are. Earthquakes come without notice and hit with such violence that you'll likely be unable to move yourself (or your wheelchair, if you have one). But even if you are able to move, don't. Stay put, and protect yourself by following the next steps.

1. Protect your head and neck with a pillow or your arms.

2.  Protect your head with your pillow and hold on to your bed.


3. In a High Rise or Public Building.

4. Do not use elevators. They are unsafe because the power can go out.


5. When the shaking lessens, go to the designated area for evacuation and wait for the rescuers to pick you up.


6. Move to an open space without buildings or other objects that can hurt you when falling down. But remember: only move when it's safe to do so! Otherwise, stays put and protect your head and neck.

7. Park your car by the side of the road.

8. Avoid bridges and other objects over your head.

9. Stay in the car and wait until the shaking is over.