SUBJECT :Renewable Energy 

Adding another feather to its cap, the UT Administration has become the first in the country to install rooftop solar photovoltaic (SPV) projects with the government’s intervention.

In the latest report released by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), the Chandigarh Administration stands first in the installation of solar rooftop projects under the government category. Chandigarh ranks third in the overall list which also includes private and government sanctioned projects.

As per the list released by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) recently, the UT Administration stands first in the installation of rooftop SPV plants of 4.6 million watts peak (MWp) under projects sanctioned by the ministry. Under this category, Tamil Nadu stands second with 4.40 MWp and Andhra Pradesh third with 2.37 MWp.

Whereas in the overall installation, including projects installed through their own resources and private parties, Chandigarh stands third. Overall, Gujarat stands first with 9.75 MWp and Punjab second with 7.52 MWp.

“In terms of implementing ministry-sanctioned projects, Chandigarh stands first. Besides, amongst the identified solar cities, Chandigarh tops the list in the generation of solar power. However, in totality, Chandigarh stands third as in states such as Gujarat and Punjab, private companies have installed huge solar projects at their own expense, which is not the scenario in Chandigarh. Moreover, the city is small compared to other states,” said Santosh Kumar, Director, Science and Technology Department and CEO, Chandigarh Renewable Energy Science and Technology Promotion Society (CREST)

Source: The Tribune,Chandigarh