Anastasia met Elvis under the Blue Sky. They had a Lover’s Meet, shared a Whisky, fell in Careless Love and eloped together to Hollywood. Don’t believe us? Just drop by at the annual Rose Festival this year and see for yourself.

The three-day Rose Festival is being organised at the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, Sector 16, from February 20 to 22.

The City of Gardens houses within itself a Taj Mahal, the City of Joy, a Fantasy land, Calcutta and a serene space where Don Bradman lives very close to the Buxom Beauty. Only, in this context, the Buxom Beauty has a purple hue and Don Bradman is red as blood; it might be the blushing.

It’s time to let your imagination run wild yet again, as Rose Garden is all decked up for another round of the festival of roses. Though the weather has been playing hide and seek all month round, the organisers are keeping their fingers crossed, hoping for the rain gods to be kind over the next three days.

“No one, not even our Met Department can predict the weather correctly this time around. Some people are saying it might rain on Friday, while others differ staunchly,” says horticulturist Krishan Pal Singh.

About the special preparations that have been done this year for the Rose Festival, Singh said, “In anticipation of the rain, we have put a water-proof shaamiyana for the convenience of visitors. The rest remains the same, besides the lavish decorations that will adorn the entrance of the garden and the newly-painted pots. We also give special importance to weeding out extra shrubs from the grass for our visitors to have a good time during the three-day festival.”

On the new varieties, Singh said, “The first three standard varieties are Botero, a red, scented flower; Memorial Day, which is pink in colour and Love & Peace, which flaunts a twin colour. The fourth variety is a bush variety called Macha Marril.