UT’s announcement on setting up a geese memorial at Sukhna Lake has not gone down well with residents of the tricity.

Being attributed as a tribute to the culled geese, the proposed monument with illuminated fountains and geese statue made of ceramic and porcelain would be just another structure at the lake that otherwise epitomises the rich bio-diversity of the area.

An inseparable part of the city’s life, Sukhna Lake has always drawn the attention of city residents for the ‘care of the body and spirit’.

Be it morning walkers or frequent visitors, most feel that the geese memorial could have formed part of the Nature Interpretation Centre that has information on flora and fauna at the lake. The centre was opened only last year at the regulator end of the lake. Otherwise, it would mean a wastage of money.

Instead of going all out to build the memorial that could also violate the ‘Edict of Chandigarh, it must be ensured that the glory and pristine qualities of the lake is restored. There is a need to focus on implementing measures to protect the biodiversity of the lake, improving aquatic life and cleaning the lake of weeds.

Though the geese are no more, preservation of flora and fauna at the lake should be the top priority for the authorities. A section of nature lovers see no harm in reintroducing geese at the lake but their contact with visitors should be avoided. Be it the upkeep of public amenities or maintaining the character, the UT must ensure that everything is perfect. The taps along the walking track do not go dry and public toilets are clean and accessible. City residents should join hands with the Chandigarh Administration in owning the lake and work to make it a better place to visit.

Source: The Tribune Chandigarh