To control increasing quantity of waste and its disposal, Chandigarh Administration and Municipal Corporation with active involvement and participation of Resident Welfare Associations, NGO’s like CAWEDS (Chandigarh Animal Welfare and Eco Development Society) and Yuvsatta and Institutions like hospitals, colleges, hotels and the university have initiated a project ‘SAHYOG’ for the effective and meaningful disposal of waste. 

The household waste is taken to Sehaj Safai Kendras (S.S.K.) and Khad Banao Kendras (K.B.K.), which are established at various locations in the sectors (refer to chapter Waste Management). The Municipal Corporation initiated the scheme in 2002 from Sector 15 for ensuring proper collection and transportation of Municipal Solid Waste in the city. So far, the Corporation has identified about 100 sites for the construction of above mentioned Kendras.  Under the scheme all Garbage Containers from these Sectors are removed and 2 sites per sector are designated for disposal of garbage, horticulture and other waste material collected from house to house by the Sector Welfare Associations on cost recovery basis.   The collected waste is then segregated into recyclable material, organic and inorganic waste. The organic material is converted into compost (including vermicompost with the help of earthworms).  Hence, the waste is converted into excellent manure produced most economically. The project ‘SAHYOG’ has been implemented in the institutions and various sectors.