SUBJECT :Climate change 

A noted scientist, Panjab University alumnus and Fellow of Royal Society, London, Professor Kamaljit Singh Bawa, said climate change had increased the vulnerability of the poor. He was delivering the PU Foundation Day Public Lecture (2015) on the topic, “Environment, Society, and Global Change: Challenges in Resolving Wicked Problems”, at Panjab University here today.

In his foundation lecture, Professor Bawa discussed the role and limitations of science in addressing the pressing issues arising out of interaction between nature and society and suggested ways to move forward in resolving critical issues.

Referring to the climatic changes in Himalayas, Prof Bawa said global environmental changes were threatening and the temperature changes in the Himalayas were three times higher than the average changes.

He said 300 hydropower projects had been set up on the Indian side of the Himalayas and 300 more hydropower projects had been set up on the Chinese side of the Himalayas.

Prof Bawa said the annual loss of natural assets in India was to the tune of 290 billion to one trillion per annum. Similarly, the annual losses of natural assets of the world were in the range of 4 to 20 trillion dollars per year.

Panjab University Vice-Chancellor Prof Arun Kumar Grover said it was a coincidence that the world congress was being organised in the foundation month of the university, one of the oldest universities in the Indian sub-continent.

Panjab University was established first at Lahore on October 14, 1882, and thereafter in independent India on October 1, 1947.

Source: The Tribune Chandigarh