Prime Minister Narendra Modi tonight cautioned against any unilateral steps that could lead to an economic barrier in the battle against climate change as he hoped that the developed countries would mobilise $100 billion annually by 2020 for mitigation and adaptation.

Addressing the COP 21 conference here, Modi also hoped that the developed countries would fulfil their commitments in a transparent manner. “The principles of equity and common but differentiated responsibilities must remain the bedrock of our collective enterprise,” Modi said, adding that there should be aggressive mitigative action by developed countries by 2020.

Modi also underlined the need for a national will and genuine global partnership while taking steps to hammer out a climate change deal. “We look to the developed countries to mobilise $100 billion annually by 2020 for mitigation and adaptation,” he said.

Noting that conventional energy was still needed, he said it should be made clean and an end to its use should not be imposed. “And, there should be no place for unilateral steps that become economic barriers for others,” he said.

US President Barack Obama (R) meets Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the climate change summit in Paris on Monday. REUTERS

Modi called on the developed nations to fulfil their commitment in a credible, transparent and meaningful manner. 

As negotiators from over 190 countries sit down over the next few days to hammer out an agreement, Modi said developed nations, which had a larger carbon footprint, should take the lead in addressing the climate change issues. 

“It is not just a question of historical responsibility. We hope advanced nations will assume ambitious targets and pursue them as they have the most room for impact,” Modi said.

The PM also told the audience that democratic India must grow rapidly to meet the aspirations of 1.25 billion people, 300 million of whom are without access to energy. “The prosperous still have a strong carbon footprint, but the world’s billions at the bottom of the development ladder are seeking space to grow,” Modi said. — PTI

India will act responsibly, Modi tells Obama

·         Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday met US President Barack Obama on the sidelines of the summit and assured him of India's positive response on climate change

·         “India will fulfil expectations from it and its responsibilities...the country is working to take forward development and (protecting) environment together," Modi said at a joint press event with Obama.


Source: The Tribune, Chandigarh