SUBJECT :Eco Club Activities 

 Over the past few years, having observed the increasing rate of pollution especially during Diwali days, due to the excessive use of fire crackers, the Department of Environment in collaboration with the Department Of Education, Chandigarh Administration launched an anti cracker campaign to create awareness about the effects of fire crackers causing air and noise pollution. Our school, AKSIPS 41 Smart School, Sector 41-B, Chandigarh too participated in this campaign by conducting the following activities in the school on November 6, 2015.

·         The students of Class VI & VII put forth their ideas in the matter relating to anti-cracker by writing slogans

·         Students of class VIII & IX participated in painting and poster making competition

·         The students of class X who recited poetry and wrote essays on matters relating to air pollution.

·         On 7th of November the students of classes VI & VII took out a rally calling for a safe and eco friendly Diwali.

·         On the 9th of November the campaign concluded with an assembly conducted on Diwali where the students of the school took an oath to stun fire crackers, to protect the rights of children working in cracker manufacturing factories and generating less non biodegradable waste.

Overall the entire week buzzed with the air of festivity and awareness campaigning with the children participating enthusiastically. It was an enjoyable and great learning experience. The children kept their promise and did not use fire crackers to celebrate Diwali.

Source: Ajit Karam Singh International Pubic School, Sector 41-B, Chandigarh