SUBJECT :Plastic Ban 

 Effective implementation of ban requires stopping of manufacture of polythene bags forthrightly and completely. Forbid dealers, sellers, shopkeepers, and consumers from their use. Defaulters should be punished for not cooperating and fine should be collected on the spot. The exercise requires unremitting vigilance and untiring effort. As an alternative, manufacture shopping bags with biodegradable materials.

Dr SS Bhatti, Chandigarh

Careless disposal a woe

What not to suggest alternatives, ban on polythene covers, in itself is unjustified. We hardly insist on proper usage but call for banning the product. Polythene bag ban will pinch consumers dearly as shopkeepers won’t give other material bags free with sold items. Plastic bags are the most convenient medium of conveying goods to consumers. Not the usage but careless disposal of used polythene bags is a problem, which needs to be curbed.

MPS Chadha, Mohali

‘Submit-your-polybags’ drive

Verka, Amul, True-Milk and other dairy suppliers can introduce half litre tetra-pack milk cartons and cheese boxes, and gradually stop polythene packing. Likewise, similar actions on cosmetics and grocery packing can be carried out. Administration can initiate schemes like

‘submit-your-polybags’ and acknowledge or reward public for submissions, and then destroy or reuse them.

Tanuj Sharma, Chandigarh

Carry your ownshopping bags

Until and unless its import is there, the use of polythene bags will continue to allure the shopkeeper as also the common people to use it. People should be vigorously impressed upon and educated or convinced to make it a habit to carry with them cloth bags whenever they go out for some shopping.

Ujagar Singh, Chandigarh

Lead from the front

Why don’t we voluntarily start off with the use of paper bags or other cloth bags which are environment-friendly. We should increase awareness and consciousness among all the users about the ill-effects of these banned plastic bags.

Himanshu Chhabra,Chandigarh

Choose eco-friendly products

People should be encouraged to use eco-friendly carry bags like paper and jute bags, which are practical and convenient for the consumer to use.

Raj Kumar Kohli, Chandigarh

Reuse cloth bags

Reuseable cloth bags are popular alternatives to plastic bags. Educate the local retailers and customers on the ill-effects of use of plastics. Administration should make efforts to introduce low-cost reusable or fibre bags.

Sandeep Kumar, Chandigarh

Use glass cans for liquids

Cloth bags have always been the first choice for vegetables, fruits and other such goods. Glass containers can be utilised for carrying and storing liquid items like milk, juices instead of using tetra packs or plastics. Earthen pots have been in use since ages for storing curd.

Iqbaldeep Kaur, Chandigarh

Raid public places

Raids should also be conducted in functions and picnic spots to ensure that the plastic plates, glasses or any other such products are not in use. As an alternative, thick paper bags would be more suitable.

Balbir Singh Batra, Mohali

Spreading awarenesswill yield results

Random raids conducted by the Administration will not work. Only engaging businessmen and customers by advising them that ban on the use of polythene is good for health and environment  will yield results.

Nazar Dhaliwal, Chandigarh

‘Bring your bag’

We need to preach “bring your bag” to the residents. They can use cloth bags, jute bags or shopping trolleys as alternatives. Retailers should educate and promote re-usable and biodegradable bags.

Kamalpreet Kaur, Mohali

Encourage others as well

It is in our interest to obey this order, encourage others to obey and use bags made of fabric or jute to keep the city clean and save the environment.

Ramesh Kumar Arora, Chandigarh

Opt for jute, paper bags

Production of polythene bags should be banned. Jute and other environment-friendly bags should be made available. There is a dire need for us all to be responsible citizens and not throw such bags on the streets that will choke the road gullies and block the drainage system.

RK Kapoor, Chandigarh

Media must play its role

The awareness campaign through media and other sources is must to control the use of polythene bags in the City Beautiful.

Wg Cdr Jasbir Singh Minhas (retd), Mohali

Regular monitoring needed

Efforts should be made to change the mindset of people so that they carry their own shopping bags. To make city polythene-free, there is a need to seek public participation and constant monitoring.

Vidya Sagar Garg, Panchkula

Need to preserve biodiversity

It is the turn of the general public to rise to the occasion and adopt various measures to preserve our biodiversity. For milk, soft drinks and other liquids, let us revert to reusable glass bottles. For fruits and foods, cans should be substituted.

Harish Kapur, Chandigarh

Clear mess from apni mandis

Public should carry jute and cloth bags to buy fruits and vegetables, especially from the Apni Mandis where plastic bags have already caused a mess.

Nikita Kapur, Chandigarh

Take more initiatives

Pollution Control Board and the Chandigarh Administration should form public opinion against the use of polythene bags. The people should take initiative and accustom themselves to carry cloth bags for shopping of vegetables, fruits and grocery items.

Bhupinder S Sealopal, Mohali

Break supply chain

Administration has to be strict in enforcing the ban effectively and has to strike with full command on polybag supply chains with active public support.

JP Singh Kalra, Chandigarh

Check smuggling

Manufacturing and smuggling of plastic bags need to be banned. Moreover, the general public and traders are

still confused about which plastic products are banned or allowed and which affordable environment-friendly alternatives are available.

AS Ahuja, Chandigarh

Special officers mustbe deployed

Administration must designate an officer for cluster of sectors and make him responsible as well and accountable for ensuring the ban by penalising the violators and seeking cooperation of traders and public.

Residents should come forward and opt for recyclable paper, cloth or jute bags.

Janeshwar Kumar Jain, Chandigarh

Admn needs to be alert

Administration has to take strong steps to ban manufacturing of plastic bags and the police can keep check that no plastic materials could enter

the city.

Gagandeep Jassowal, Chandigarh

Think psychologically

When we see a plastic bag in someone’s hand, we should see red. This will have psychological effect and people will  wean away from this plastic menace.

Colonel RD Singh (retd), Ambala Cantt

Look for substitutes

Public should rather come forward by refusing to accept such bags and carry their own bags while shopping. The alternatives are already available in the market in the shape of paper bags, old newspaper envelopes, jute and synthetic cloths.

BS Chadha, Chandigarh

Shut units

Enforcement of law is the only solution and also the factories busy recycling and manufacturing of polythene bags should immediately be closed.

Tarlok Singh, Manimajra

Implement laws

A number of food articles packed in plastic containers are openly sold in the markets and do not face any action. The enforcement department should be properly guided by higher authorities for proper implementation of law so that traders are not being harassed.

Sukhpal Singh, Chandigarh