SUBJECT :AIR Pollution 

 Bring e-rickshaws

Diesel auto-rickshaws should be replaced with electric auto-rickshaws. e-rickshaws can be the best alternative to diesel-run autos as they are operated on battery. These rickshaws do not emit smoke and will also contribute to the decrease in air pollution. Public transport should be augmented.

Shivangi Sharma

Identify entry pointsfor autos

Identify entry points of these autos for immediate relief to the commuters. Provide more buses on these routes. The authorities in the tricity should form a policy to take these autos off road keeping in mind the livelihood of drivers. Immediate ban on new diesel autos, replacement of the existing ones with LPG/CNG autos by providing subsidy and soft loans should also be considered. Mini-buses can also be provided.

Bharat Bhushan Sharma

Augment local bus service

Banning diesel-run auto-rickshaws in Chandigarh came as an appreciable measure. It needs to be extended to the tricity. Metro being a distant dream, an alternative by all means remains the frequency and upgrade of the local bus service. It should be made functional properly. The condition of local buses should be made comfortable and the fare should be reduced or subsidised to make it financially viable so that bicycle as well as car owners prefer journey by bus.

MPS Chadha, mohali

Increase frequency of local buses

Due to the ban on the entry of diesel autos in Chandigarh, commuters have been put to inconvenience. Now, the Administration is under the obligation to make suitable alternative arrangements so that the commuters reach their respective destinations on time. The frequency of local buses should be increased. Overcharging by the existing auto/taxi operators should be checked. It would also be helpful, if extra seating capacity is allowed in the vehicles.

Balbir Singh Batra, mohali


buses needed

The decision of the Administration to ban the entry of diesel autos in the city should be lauded. It will certainly help in curbing pollution. To facilitate the movement of commuters/passengers, public transport system should be strengthened by adding more CNG/LPG buses, particularly on the congested roads.

Nikita Kapur

A welcome step

The drive to ban the entry of diesel autos in the city by the Administration is a welcome step to reduce the pollution levels in the city. It would have been perhaps much better to adopt it gradually, that too in a phased manner by facilitating the auto owners to convert their autos to CNG/LPG mode by providing them loans through nationalised commercial banks.

Harish Kapur, chandigarh

Replace mini-buses

by longer buses

Strengthening of the public transport system, especially for inter-city commuters, is the need of the hour. Mini-buses should be replaced by longer buses. LPG and CNG autos should be given subsidy by the government and loan conditions should be eased by banks so that diesel autos are replaced by their eco-friendly version. Introduction of battery-operated auto-rickshaws is also a good alternative.

Kamalpreet Kaur, mohali

Encourage students

to use bicycles

Restrict the number of vehicles owned by a single family, promote carpool, strengthen CNG-based transportation, reduce subsidy on diesel for cars and taxis to discourage people from buying them, make roads pedestrian-friendly and cyclist-friendly, encourage students to use bicycles on college campuses as is done in IITs and Thapar University since the UT has many college-going youth and the foremost is to plan long-term and not short-term (odd-even) cuts.

Neha Sood

Better alternative required

A better alternative should have been put in place beforehand. With less number of auto-rickshaws on the city roads now, commuters are a harried lot in view of the crumbling public transport system. Putting a ban on diesel-run auto-rickshaws without putting in place a viable alternative has created more problems. The UT Administration must introduce more e-rickshaws and those run on CNG to fill the void before the public protests become more pronounced on this issue.

SC Luthra, mani majra

Convert diesel autosinto CNG

It is good that diesel autos have been banned in the City Beautiful. But to compensate the inconvenience being caused to daily commuters, the Administration needs to at least increase the frequency of local bus services. A CTU local bus must be made available after every 10 minutes at every given stop and it should be ensured that no bus skips any time on all routes. This arrangement will help the people in commuting from one place to another. All diesel auto owners may be asked to convert their vehicles to CNG.

RK Kapoor, chandigarh

Subsidy on electric taxis

We should start CNG facility in Chandigarh so that the pollution of vehicles can be reduced rather than introducing the odd-even formula. We can introduce e-rickshaws and give subsidy on electric taxis.

Digvijay Walia

Diesel auto ban a welcome step

Banning of diesel autos in the city is a welcome step. Diesel autos not only pollute the environment but also add to the congestion on roads. The deficiency of autos can be compensated with more number of CNG-driven buses. More number of CNG buses is needed to run from Kharar, Panchkula, Mullanpur and Zirakpur to avoid inconvenience to the passengers from these cities. Directions may be issued by the respective governments to long-route buses to stop and carry passengers from these cities en route as an immediate measure. Time-bound public transport system with non-polluting fuel needs to be planned and executed for the smooth and hassle-free journey of passengers to the city.

Wg Cdr Jasbir Singh 

Minhas (retd), mohali

Privatise local bus service

Autos/mini-buses run with petrol/LPG/battery should only be allowed to operate in the tricity. Local bus service should be privatised at the earliest to improve the service and reduce cost. Introduction of double-decker buses on busy routes will also help in reducing pollution and congestion on roads.

KC Rana, chandigarh

Hold awareness camps

The solution would be better if the Administration introduced tricycles (rickshaws) with battery and more autos running on battery. Their introduction should be facilitated with easy loan instalments. An awareness camp should be organised with the help of civil societies. A motivation camp should be organised in schools and offices to create awareness about health and the use of cycling as a form of exercise.

Anokh Singh Kahlon, chandigarh

Make CNG kits easily available

CNG, which has time and again proved to be a better fuel and is used in metropolitan cities, is nowhere to be found in Chandigarh. More mileage, longer functioning, smooth engine and less pollution are some benefits of the use of CNG. To bring immediate use of CNG, genuine CNG kits should made be available from company dealers and CNG at petrol pumps.

Jaskanwar Singh, chandigarh

Source: The Tribune. Chandigarh