SUBJECT :Climate change 

 The Chandigarh Administration has started the work on the implementation of state action plan on climate change after the approval of the Ministry of Environment. Sources said the first meeting of the Knowledge Management Centre and Secretariat for Climate Change Advisory Committee would be held next week.

The Knowledge Management Centre and Secretariat for Climate Change Advisory Committee has been set up under the plan which comprises officers from different departments. The Centre will ensure various activities of the Climate Change Advisory Committee and coordinate the activities of missions.

Sources said seven missions had been identified on which the strategy would be prepared with the help of officers of various departments. These missions include solar mission and enhanced energy efficiency, mission on sustainable habitat, sustainable water mission, green India mission, mission on the strategic knowledge for climate change, transport and health.

At the meeting, it will be decided that the research will be city specific. An officer said that research would help in understanding the scenarios of climate change impacts and secondly it would help in addressing the adaptation measures needed to cope with the impacts. Research work will also be done to identify alternative means of livelihood in view of the impending climate change impacts.

The state action plan proposes to promote a multi-disciplinary research on the aspects of the GHG emission reduction as well as the waste utilisation engaging various institutions within the UT, Chandigarh, and outside. The environmental impact assessment of development projects critical to climate change i.e. power, housing, waste management etc has also been proposed. The Engineering Department has been asked to submit the proposal in the following areas identified under the climate action plan: non-motorised urban transport, introduction of electrical vehicle in Sector 17 for study basis and interlinking of the new and old cycle track across the city.

Source: The Tribune, Chandigarh