SUBJECT :Environment 

 A recent PGI study says most e-waste in the city is generated by refrigerators, at 36%. This is followed by air conditioners at 31.23%, washing machines at 21.8% and televisions, 5%.

According to an inventory prepared as part of the study, gold worth Rs 35 lakh, which could have been extracted from e-waste, is dumped every year. The study has been conducted by Dr Ravindra Khaiwal and Dr Suman Mor of the school of public health and the department of environment studies, Panjab University.

E-waste makes 10% of the total hazardous waste generated in the city. "We found that 17 kg of e-waste is generated by each household every year. The idea is to understand how toxic waste affects health," said Dr Khaiwal.

Production of ferrous metal stands at 1500 in mass tonnes annually followed by plastics, aluminum and copper, said the study, which surveyed 300 households.

Source: Times of India