SUBJECT :Health and Environment 

 The institute recently bagged the first prize in Kayakalp as the cleanest public hospital in the country by the government. To sustain the image, resident doctors have decided to reduce the carbon footprints by decreasing the load of vehicles. "The cycles can be locked in a safe stand and used by those who are keen to cycle," said Dr Reddy.

However, the association was mulling the safety of cycle parking as few thefts have been reported from the campus. "The hospital has a parking problem as there is a huge rush of vehicles of doctors and visitors. Those who can ease off the vehicular flow are doctors staying in PGI," said a resident doctor.

On an average, 7,000 cars enter the campus daily in a parking capacity of just 3,000. There are over 2,000 resident doctors in PGI. "If all resident doctors either walk or cycle, parking chaos can also be managed. Cycling is both good for health and can ease traffic congestion and vehicular pollution," said Dr Reddy.

The newly elected ARD might find this proposal slightly tough as not many were willing to sweat it out and give away the luxury of cars, especially in summer. "We do not have time. Often, we have to rush for classes and OPD. Cycling can be promoted on weekends instead, not on a daily basis," said a junior resident doctor

Source: Times of India