SUBJECT :Solar Energy 

 Santosh Kumar, UT director, science and technology, said 10 kWp Grid-tied Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant project has been implemented by Chandigarh Renewal Energy, Science and Technology Promotion Society (CREST) through M/s C&S Electric Ltd, New Delhi, the contracting firm. The total cost of the project is Rs 10.83 lakh, which includes operation and maintenance charges for 10 years. The plant will be able to generate minimum 13,000 kWh (units) per year."

The village residents were told about its many benefits to encourage the installation of solar plants.

Five residents of the village were given subsidy papers to initiate the process of installation of solar plants at their residences. The authorities approved 5 kilowatt plant for one of them. The remaining will install 2 kilowatt solar plants at their residences.

The village has been adopted by the MP under 'Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana' (SAGY) of the government of India. It is the 128th solar plant installed at a government building.

Source: Times of India