SUBJECT :Heritage Site 

 The real smartness lies in how those at the helm of affairs keep pace with the demanding modernity quotient and protect, preserve and promote the ancient heritage of the city. To make this dream come true, the dispensation needs to identify the ancient marvels and protect and preserve them for posterity. It needs to impose a blanket ban on the desperate sale of any item of heritage value.  

Ramesh K Dhiman, Chandigarh

No construction around Capitol Complex

It is a glorious achievement for City Beautiful to find a place in the ‘Heritage Site List’. As the landscaping of the Capitol Complex is gifted and serene and captivates every art lover, no construction of any kind should be encouraged around this prestigious site. A detailed plaque should be installed inscribing the history of City Beautiful and its surroundings.

Bhupinder S Sealopal, Mohali

A feather in city’s cap

Capitol Complex as the new site in world heritage list has added another feather in the cap of Chandigarh. No doubt it is an honour but also a big responsibility for the Administration. The heritage tag would bring a huge inflow of tourists not only from India but from abroad as well. Steps should be taken to open the international airport to create a direct link. In view of its new stature, better infrastructural facilities should be created.

Harish Kapur, Chandigarh

Restore façadeof buildings

It is a moment of pride for the residents of Chandigarh, since the Capital Complex has been included in the heritage list released by Unesco. It is a marvellous achievement.  Now, it is the turn of the Administration to restore the façade of the buildings to their original design.  To avoid pollution, no vehicle should be allowed near the heritage buildings, rather these be declared as pedestrian-friendly.  The Metro project should be expedited to curb the rush of vehicles in the city.

Nikita Kapur, Chandigarh

Preserve cultural values

Preserving the heritage site is not all about preserving bricks, it is about preserving the historic and cultural values. Availability of basic facilities like water, maintenance and cleanliness of toilets and lighting of the place should meet the global standards. There should be no compromise on these parameters.  Battery-driven carts should be available to link buildings and monuments. Heritage talks on significance of the site, skits and other community programmes could be organised from time to time to promote tourism and increase the footfall at Capitol Complex.

Kamalpreet Kaur, Mohali

Provide shuttle service

This is like fortune smiling on Chandigarh as its Capitol Complex has been included in the list of World Heritage sites by Unesco. Now comes the responsibility of the Administration to ensure that all possible efforts be taken to preserve its beauty and make it a tourist attraction of the first order.  No compromise should be made with its surroundings and cleanliness. Shuttle service should be provided from nearby tourist spots.

HBS Batra, Mohali

Improve cleanlinessand connectivity

It is really a matter of pride for Chandigarh as its Capitol Complex has been included in the list of World Heritage by Unesco. Now, the authorities should bring this complex on top of the list of tourist sites. Its surroundings should always be neat and tidy. Special city buses should be deployed from the airport, railway station and inter-bus terminus to this site so that the maximum number of tourists visits this. Special attention should be given to the fact that its maintenance always remained intact.

Balbir Singh Batra, Mohali

Charge nominal feefor visits

Let the public understand and appreciate the importance of this site. Charge a nominal amount as visiting fee for the upkeep of the site. This way, the site will generate revenue on its own for maintenance. Night visit is also now possible. But improve the security of the visitors by installing CCTV cameras, floodlights on the track and in the vicinity of the site, intensifying police patrolling and through better connectivity.

Rajeev Kumar, Chandigarh

World-class infra needed

It has increased the responsibilities of the Administration as well as of the residents. The first is to keep the tag of “City Beautiful” intact to keep pace with the smart city and heritage complex status. Definitely, it would attract tourists from overseas too. To maintain its prestige and glory, world class infrastructure needs to be developed. The public has to take special care of the civic sense.

Surinder Paul Wadhwa, Mohali

Keep site neat and clean

It is a matter of great pride for the residents of Chandigarh that its Capitol Complex has been given the Heritage Site status by Unesco. Now, it becomes the duty of the Administration and the Municipal Corporation to help the Unesco staff in keeping the heritage site neat and clean with adequate security personnel on guard. Proper trash bins should be placed and appropriate gates provided at the site.

RK Kapoor, Chandigarh

Illuminate the area

Le Corbusier, the designer of Capitol Complex, deserves deep appreciation. The structure of the building, the inner fittings and area around the heritage site, need to be maintained for a longer life. The visitors must be briefed or informed with information boards at prominent places for its upkeep and cleanliness. The area around the heritage site needs to be illuminated along with barricades for the historical things lying inside the complex.

Wg Cdr Jasbir Singh Minhas (retd), Mohali

Int’l flights can add to attraction

The government needs to take seriously the maintenance of such heritage structures in City Beautiful and make it open to tourists at a nominal charge to meet the cost of maintenance. Chandigarh can be a world tourist attraction if the international flights start from the city.

Ashwani Kumar Singla, Panchkula

Decongest the area

To preserve these buildings as heritage, some of the offices will have to be shifted to other places and violations removed inside and outside to decongest these buildings and maintain them properly as per Unesco guidelines. Parking lots should be improved. At least these buildings should be approachable to the visitors/tourists to have a close look at these structures, especially on holidays.

AS Ahuja, Chandigarh

Restore characterof original buildings

It is a matter of pride for the country. Over a period of time, successive governments in Punjab and Haryana resorted to major violations and structural changes in these buildings. Therefore, an immediate need is to reverse all violations and restore these monumental buildings to their original character. Adequate security measures, besides world-class reception-cum-information centre with allied facilities like food courts, moderate shopping arenas and qualified guides are needed.

SS Arora, Mohali

Link Capitol Complex to Rose Garden

It is a matter of pride for  the Chandigarh Capitol Complex to be inscribed among the new sites in the world heritage list. The Administration needs to spruce up facilities at the site and within a radius of 1-2 km, enhance security 24x7, improve vehicular parking besides creating a dedicated corridor linking it with Rose Garden. It would be nice to set up an office there for people who have worked with Le Corbusier, and for researchers to converse and unearth more works of heritage.

Tarlok Singh, Mani Majra

Create a buffer zone

Avoid multi-storied buildings near the Capitol Complex and ensure a good buffer zone. Comprehensive instructions have to be given to their management so that the site is not spoiled. Upkeep of the Capitol Complex will require additional funds, which must be factored in the UT budget. A separate officer should be earmarked as ‘heritage site officer’ to ensure its upkeep and management. Let Chandigarh be a smart-cum-heritage city.

Col RD Singh (retd), Ambala Cantt

Hold cultural activities at the site

Besides regular maintenance of essential services like drinking water, urinals and cleanliness, public interaction should be promoted through fortnightly cultural programmes at the site. There ought to be a world famous annual carnival when public holidays are declared.  Income generated through such public action should be spent religiously on the maintenance of monuments and services.  The public needs to be culturally tuned so that they feel concerned for the honour bestowed in the shape of city heritage status.

MPS Chadha, Mohali

Facelift for vacant areas

Now  that  our  City  Beautiful has  come  up on  the world  map as  a heritage city,  the  onus  of  creating the necessary  infrastructure  has fallen on the  local authorities  as  also  on  the  city  MP.  The vacant space lying unused in the vicinity up to Kansal village needs a facelift. Tourist  buses from the railway station  and  bus terminals will  be an incentive  for the  visitors wishing to have a glimpse of the Capitol Complex.

SC Luthra, Mani Majra

Open house question 

The Chandigarh Commission for Protection of Child Rights (CCPCR) has issued an advisory to impose a complete ban on the sale and use of junk food in all government and private schools in the city. Earlier, the CBSE had also issued a circular to keep a check on junk food in the school canteens and replace it with healthy alternatives. Still, junk food on the menu of school canteens continues to lure students. What should be done to check the sale and use of junk food in schools? Send your comments in not more than 70 words at

Source: The Tribune, Chandigarh