Trees to make way for govt quarters

Chandigarh, July 12
The horticulture department of the Chandigarh administration has cut at least a dozen full-grown trees along Dakshin Marg to clear the path of slip roads.

Confirming the official orders, a senior official said another 20 trees had been marked to be cut in Sector 24 to make space for government accommodation. The trees had been cut after formal approval by the adviser to the UT Administrator.

The Axe Factor

There has been no reduction in the city’s green cover. In fact, the overall data shows improvement

— Deputy conservator

One wonders why the trees have been axed now when the slip roads were constructed nearly two years back.

The official said: " Development demands that land be cleared.” Among the trees felled were arjan, inter-lobum, alstonia and 'pahari keekar'.

Trees on Dakshin Marg did not have commercial value. The dozen trees cut there fetched only Rs 7,500 at an auction. The trees in Sector 24 were of high commercial value and fetched a heavy price. The trees in Sector 24, where government quarters are to come up, included those of eucalyptus, 'tahli', zamoa and keekar.The trees were auctioned for approximately Rs 4 lakh, reliable sources said.

"We never touch a tree without orders.The slip roads were made nearly two years back yet could not become functional because of the trees. The decision to remove these has been taken after due deliberations.”

Ishwar Singh, deputy conservator, said: "There has been no reduction in the city’s green cover. In fact, the overall data shows improvement. For each single tree that is axed because of different reasons, we plant at least 10 new ones."

Source: Sanjeev Singh Bariana Tribune News Service