Chandigarh, January 14
Calling it the first non-smoking city, Chandigarh is still not smoke-free. Smoking is openly carried out in almost all public placed without any check.

Cigarettes and tobacco is sold openly in all sectors. Markets have become a hub for smokers.

The famous Geri route, Sector 10 and Sector 11, the ever-crowded market of Sector 35 are among a few sectors, which are worse affected. Another sector that is being affected is Sector 33, where cigarettes are not only being sold openly but also even the underage are smoking here. Beat box being just a few yards away, still the smoking is being carried out and no action has been taken against the violators.

Chandigarh was officially declared as a smoke-free city, which claimed to be the first with a ban on having a puff in the public places. The ban was implemented under the Central Control Tobacco Act.

“I don’t let my daughter to go to the market alone as the atmosphere is not conducive. Smoking is being held continuously and I fail to understand why the police not doing anything”, said a lady residing near the market area.

A resident of Sector 19, said, “Sector 33 is the safest place to come and smoke. Though I have to travel a few miles to come here but still the chances of being challaned is minimum in this sector”.

As a matter a fact, the laws though are made but when it comes to the execution, by and large these are not implemented. Smoking is injurious to health and is still on in the city .

Source: Mandeep Puri