Chandigarh, March 14
city will bid adieu to rickety, smoke-billowing autos. The State Transport Authority (STA) has initiated the process to allow at least 500 LPG-run autos on city roads.

In the coming week, the STA will hold a draw of lot to shortlist applicants who will ultimately be granted permits. Today was the last date for submitting applications. “ Since we have received 1,100 applications against a quota of 500 permits, we have to hold a draw of lot”, said an official.

The STA has written to the director of food and supplies to ensure that there is enough LPG outlets in the city. Regards the fares, sources in the administration indicated the fare for LPG-run autos would be less compared to the those run on diesel.

The administration has decided to refit the 1,800 diesel-run autos with LPG kits within the next six months. To check pollution, the authority has stopped issuing permits to three-wheelers with conventional engines.

The issue of subsidy on LPG kits is being looked into by the department of science and technology. Director of science and technology Manjit Brar said the conversion to LPG gas kit cost around Rs 5,000.

The department has also proposed encouraging battery-operated three- wheelers.

Apart from phasing out 15-year-old autos, the STA has written to the transport department of Punjab and Haryana to ensure these autos are moved out.

Source: Rajmeet Singh Tribune News Service