Chandigarh, July 6
which used to be one of the hottest months, has had a record rainfall of 376.4 mm this year. The city experienced the highest rainfall in June in the past 20 years, breaking the record of 256.6 mm in 1988.

The city recorded 179.6 mm rainfall on June 30. The previous highest record of rainfall on a single day was 195 mm in June 1988.

As per Met officials, monsoon arrived well before time and there was plenty of rain last month. The city received 436.4 mm rainfall till July 6, which is 266.9 mm higher than normal.

Usually, the monsoon touches the city by June 29 or early July but this year, it arrived on June 14, providing relief to residents from the sweltering heat.

The met department said early and heavy rains had occurred because southwest winds from the Indian Ocean encountered fewer obstructions.

Until June, the region had scattered heavy rain, but now it would be more organised.

The department has forecast heavy rain in the coming weeks.

Source: Aarti Kapur Tribune News Service