Chandigarh, August 15
Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee will monitor the critical parameters of benzene, lead and carbon oxide across the city.

This will enable the committee to ascertain the existing levels of vehicular pollution in the city.

Being done on the initiative of the Central Pollution Control Committee, the quality of air will be monitored at new ambient air-monitoring stations to be set up at different points in the city.

The Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee will get the entire funding for the project from the CPCC, costing around Rs 3 lakh.

Sources said with the fast urbanisation and mega projects coming to the city, the growing inflow and outflow of visitors is bound to increase vehicular traffic.

The areas of activity will be the North-East fringe, industrial area, Sector 17 and
the southern sectors. Technical bids are being invited by the department to undertake the study.

“The data will be held in improving the ambient air quality and health of residents”, said an official of the pollution committee.

Otherwise, the Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee is already operating five National Ambient Air Monitoring Programme stations, including one in Industrial Area, Kaimbwala and Sector 17. The Sector 17 station represents residential-cum-
commercial area.

The number of vehicles in the city is high as compared to those in other cities. Against a pollution of around 10 lakh, there were around 7 lakh registered. The level of carbon monoxide is high on the Madhya and Dakshin Marg.

There have been reports that benzene and lead level are leading to various life-threatening diseases.

Source: Rajmeet Singh Tribune News Service