Chandigarh, January 29
A DRAW of lots for allotment of nursery sites at the 20-acre Garden Centre in Raipur Kalan was held on Wednesday at the Estate Office in Chandigarh. The UT administration plans to develop the Garden Centre to enlarge the green cover in the city, for which it has notified the Licensing of Sites in Chandigarh Garden Centre Scheme in 2008. There were 30 applicants for 20 nursery sites measuring 1 (2 sites), 0.75 (4 sites) and 0.50 (4 sites) acres and 3 (4 sites) and 1 kanal (6 sites). The scheme covers production and sale of plants, seeds and sale of flowerpots, pesticides, kitchen-garden implements and wooden objects. There is provision for common parking, cafeteria, children's play area and public conveniences at the Garden Centre. Basic services like lighting, paved parking, sewerage, water supply and roads will make the area people friendly. Allotment of nursery sites will meet the longstanding demand of people whom the administration had ousted on account of land acquisition. The sites are being allotted for monthly licence fee of Rs 6,515 per kanal to save applicants for bearing huge investment cost.