Chandigarh, October 19
City has recorded a green cover of approximately 30 per cent in the total area, making it one of the leaders in the green cover in cities of the country, said a press release here today.

In an attempt to strengthen the drive, the forest department has distributed 32,840 saplings free of cost to be planted on public land.

The department has also undertaken a plantation drive to enrich the existing forests over 108 hectares to improve the biodiversity of the forest.

Within the city, the horticulture wing of the Municipal Corporation and the engineering department are undertaking replacement planting and gap filling.

According to statistics, 159.80 hectares have been brought under the plough and 11,0912 saplings have been planted. Out of this, nearly 3.73 hectares have been used during September and planted with about 9,105 saplings adding to the green cover of the city.

Source: Tribune News Service