CHANDIGARH, 11,March 2010

The Chandigarh Administration will develop tourist spots in the southern sectors, for which the Ministry of Tourism has given it Rs 5 crore.
The ministry approved many other decisions on Wednesday in New Delhi for promoting tourism.
The landscaping work is on around the Sector 42 Lake and the plan is to lay a bicycle track around it.

The track will have adven- ture tunnels, safe jump over and low impediment areas to add element of fun to cycling.
Huts of ethnic design will come up at the spot.
The administration will also create a garden by the name of Valley of Springs in the sector.
UT Secretary of Home Affairs Ram Niwas, who attended the meeting in New Delhi, also reviewed the progress of tourism projects on Wednesday in Chandigarh.

The UT authorities have planted nearly 80 varieties of palm around the new lake and planned to create two bridges there of different design.
The College of Architecture will think of themes for the bridges.
The UT team also inspected the Animal Garden in Sector 49, where it proposes to create a "Valley of Animals" containing topiary art.
The concept also includes representation of desert safari, Asian forest and sea life for attracting children.

The level-setting work at the site of Garden of Conifers in Sector 52 will be over soon, the UT officials claim. The gar- den will cover 30 acres of conif- erous trees.
The Union Ministry of Tourism has also given anoth- er Rs 1.8 crore to the UT for developing the Garden of Conifers and Rs 4.5 crore more for creating Garden of Palms in Sector 42 and the animal gar- den in Sector 49.
The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation will work on the 8-acre animal garden.
Japanese garden will come up in the green area across Sectors 31 A, B, C and D and an underpass will join its different sections.
The garden will contain "Zig Zag Footpath", gothic lights and water and stone features.