Chandigarh, July 7
In a first-of-its-kind initiative, Postgraduate Government College for Girls, Sector 11, has introduced a new undergraduate add-on course on disaster management.

Keeping in view the increased demand for the subject at international level, the college has started the course, which is open to students of all courses and will serve as a value addition to their respective qualifications.

“If you analyse the current scenario, many NGOs and UN-funded organisations have been set up to deal with disasters. These organisations offer a wide variety of job profiles and good salaries. The main requisite for the job is certification in disaster management. This course will open these avenues to students and also be a value addition to courses like social work,” claimed Shyam Sunder, officiating principal, GCG, Sector 11.

According to authorities, the college will incorporate internships as an essential part of curriculum and the examination will be held along with the annual examination.

According to Ajoy Sharma, director, higher education, the course has been started on pilot basis and may develop as a full-fledged Bachelor’s course if the response is encouraging.

“We are trying to strengthen and update the concept of add-on courses in colleges just to make existing education more vocational. Disaster management is one of the popular avenues these days. We will analyse the response and if all goes well, it will be instituted as a full-fledged course in all government colleges,” he said.

Source: A Correspondent