1. Minimum height of the stack should be 30 m above the ground level.

2. Suitably designed pollution control devices should be installed with incinerator to achieve the emission limits, mentioned in Schedule V.

3. Wastes to be incinerated shall not be chemically treated with any chlorinated disinfectants.

4. Chlorinated plastics shall not be incinerated.

5. Toxic metals in incineration ash shall be limited within the regulatory quantities.

6. Only low sulphur fuel like diesel shall be used as fuel in the incinerator.

7. Standards for deep burial

8. A pit or trench should be dug about 2 m deep. It should be half filled with waste, and then covered with lime within 50 cm of the surface, before filling the rest of the pit with soil.

9. It must be ensured that animals do not have any access, to burial sites. Covers of galvanized iron/wire meshes may be used.

10.Burial must be performed under close and dedicated supervision

11.The deep burial site should be relatively impermeable and no shallow well should be close to the site.

12.The pits should be distant from habitation, and sited so as to ensure that no contamination occurs to any surface water or ground water.

13.The area should not be prone to flooding or erosion.

14.The location of the deep burial site will be authorized by the prescribed authority.

15.The institution shall maintain a record of all pits for deep burial.