The autoclave should be dedicated for the purpose of disinfecting and treating biomedical waste.

When operating an autoclave, medical waste shall be subjected to the following:

1. Temperature greater than 121°C and pressure of 103 kPa (gauge pressure) for an autoclave residence time of 60 min; or

2. Temperature of greater than 135°C and a pressure of 213 kPa (gauge) for an autoclave residence time of 45 min; or

3. Temperature greater than 149°C and a pressure of 359 kPa (gauge) for an autoclave residence time of 30 min.

Medical waste shall not be considered properly treated unless the time, temperature and pressure indicators indicate that the required time, temperature and pressure were reached during the autoclave process. If, for any reasons, the required temperature, pressure or residence time was not reached, the entire load of medical waste must be autoclaved again until the proper temperature, pressure and residence time were achieved.